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How the Splitter operates in command line mode

Video Splitter Home Edition 7.3

Easy to use, lossless video editor for AVC/H264, MP4, MOV, WEBM, FLV, MKV, MPEG-2, WMV, ASF, AVI frame-accurate trimming and joining.

File info: 47.59 Mb, 2019 Jun 10

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Q:-> I found that the Splitter has CLI (command line interface) named SMM_BatchSplit.exe. What are examples of editing video by means of the utility?

A:-> Yes, SolveigMM Video Splitter is shipped with CLI SMM_BatchSplit.exe utility that accept as an input an XML file with described task or batch of tasks named groups.

Here are the samples scripts to fulfill some simple editing tasks like trimming, edition out some porions and joinin some files.

1. Initial file is windows media - input.WMV of 10 minutes length, with one video and one audio stream.
We want to to trim a portion from 4 to 7 minutes and save it as an output1.WMV
   <group name="C:\video\result\output1.WMV">
       <track video="1" audio="1" obey_sample_times="0">
           <clip src="C:\video\input.WMV" start="00:04:00.00"    stop="00:07:00.00"/>

2. Initial file is windows media - input.WMV of 10 minutes length, with one video and one audio stream. 
We want to cut out any 3 parts from input

(#[1] 1 min 30 sec - 3 min 20 sec )
(#[2] 5 min 00 sec - 6 min 00 sec )
(#[3] 8 min 10 sec - 9 min 10 sec )

and save an output without set fragments as an output2.WM

   <group name="C:\video\result\output2.WMV">
       <track video="1" audio="1" obey_sample_times="0">
           <clip src="C:\video\input.WMV" start="00:01:30.00"    stop="00:03:20.00"/>
           <clip src="C:\video\input.WMV" start="00:05:00.00"    stop="00:06:00.00"/>
           <clip src="C:\video\input.WMV" start="00:08:10.00"    stop="00:09:10.00"/>

3. We have a set of Windows Media files with same video/audio paramenters (for example output1.WMV output2.WMV) and want to merge them to one single file - join_output3.WMV

   <group name="C:\video\result\join_output3.WMV" mode="joining">
      <track  video="-1" audio="-1">
         <clip src="C:\video\result\output1.WMV"  start="00:00:00:00" stop="00:00:00:00" />
         <clip src="C:\video\result\output2.WMV"  start="00:00:00:00" stop="00:00:00:00" />
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