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How to fix audio lag

Q:-> How you intend users to fix an audio lag problem if any.  Obviously I don't want to spend hours determining by trial-and-error how to address this issue.

A:-> HyperCam has the special ''Audio time shift" feature for this case.

To launch special sync settings please go to "Options" -> "Audio" -> check up "Audio time shift" checkbox and enter the appropriate value (see picture below).

You should put to ''Audio time shift" value the value in milli seconds.

1 second = 1000 milli seconds.

There is the following rule for this option:

If the sound goes after the associated video you should enter negative values. If the sound goes before the video you should enter positive values.

In my example sound goes after the video and I want to fix this, I enter the positive value to make the sound to go forward in comparison with video.

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