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HyperCam records black screen

HyperCam Home Edition 5.1

A sophisticated program, with microphone input, to capture screen, videos and sound. Record, edit, using the built-in video editor, and upload videos to YouTube and other popular locations.

File info: 49.27 Mb, 2019 Feb 01

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Q: -> Why HyperCam records black screen instead of capturing screen activities?

A:-> This issue can be caused by ZoneAlarm antivirus program and its component, ZoneAlarm Browser Security. It prevents HyperCam from "seeing" a browser window at all - which is why it records black.

To prevent this your should make such settings before recording. Go to the settings of "Browser security" component.

And check "Only in allegedly secure sessions (https)" item instead of "Always".

Zone Alarm Browser Security

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