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Why the recording can not be started in HyperCam

HyperCam Home Edition 5.1

A sophisticated program, with microphone input, to capture screen, videos and sound. Record, edit, using the built-in video editor, and upload videos to YouTube and other popular locations.

File info: 49.27 Mb, 2019 Feb 01

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Q:-> Why the recording in HyperCam can not be started?

A:-> If you have already chosen the area you would like to be recorded, clicked the "Record button", but nothing happens, please check if you have not chosen some folder of the Windows Network as the output folder of your final record. Unfortunately HyperCam can not save output records to Windows Network folders at present time.

Go to "Options" -> "Video" tab.
And if it was set some folder of the Windows Network in "Output folder" field,  choose any folder of your PC's hard drive instead.

Then click on "OK" and try to make the record.

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