Author Topic: General Windows 10 x64 slowdown when using SMV 7  (Read 114 times)

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Re: General Windows 10 x64 slowdown when using SMV 7
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2019, 06:04:38 PM »
Hello Marty,
I'll try to check this behavior that you described.
Writing log-files might be the most probable reason of slowing down, as it needs the access to the HDD. The other options (backup, cash etc.) are initiated on special cases and does not need HDD or use it rarely. So please disable the logging during the common use of the Video Splitter.
The resources consumption depends on a file loaded into the timeline (or the encoding parameters of the file), the number of files on the timeline and other factors. It might also be a good idea to use a 64bit version of the Video Splitter.

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General Windows 10 x64 slowdown when using SMV 7
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2019, 06:05:45 AM »

here an another issue i have with SMV. i have it since a long time (maybe with the 6 as well but my memory is bad).

when using SMV, i have a general slow down in the use of windows ! SMV work fine, but for example, i open a file to insert in SMV, or using windows while SMV is open , and everything is slow. i checked the ressource and the use of Cuda, graphic card (GT 640 Zotac), the Cpu, Hard Disc (SSD (Crucial MX500 or 850 Samsung EVO) or normal Hard Disc directly from Sata or on a network (from a synology NAS) make the same issue.
CPu use is normal as well. No idea what's doing that. I have an i7-7700, 32Gb of Ram, Windows 10 Pro x64 with a GT640 Nividia Card. This is only software of all the ones i have on windows who make this issue :D.

Actually SMV is open, windows react slowly (all the windows, opening closing, moving etc...).
Cpu in use is 0 to 2%. Ram use is 5Gb on a total of 32. (16%)
Temp on all core are very low (28° on each core).

for exemple, i click on "+" to add a video file in SMW and it take 5 seconds to open the explorer window !

It's an issue as well which happen with time. for example, SMW just crashed. I reload it, open the backup save file, and it's working ok ! windows , explorer etc... but after a while... like if something make it slowing the whole machine after a whole, maybe the recording of the error log ? or the continuus backup ? or maybe some cache issues in the software ?

Any help is much appreciated ! Thanks.
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