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HyperCam Business Edition Historico de versao

HyperCam Business Edition 5.1

Um programa gracioso de captura de tela, vídeos e sons que estão tocando no fundo e uma entrada de microfone. Permite gravar, editar, por meio da buil-in editor de vídeo e enviar vídeos para o Youtube e outros recursos populares.

Informacoes do arquivo: 49.26 Mb, 2019 Fev 01

5.0.1802.09, 2018-02-09
  • WebCam recording and streaming.
  • Twitch, Facebook and Youtube streaming of game session or video blogging
  • WebCam and Screen combination with adjustable size, position and preview
  • Revamped user interface with a modern look
  • Recording to pre-set export size (resizing)
  • Modernized good looking screen notes
  • Detaching and extension of Recent records
  • MP3 audio codec
  • Custom DPI support
  • Media Editor: Automatic preview of recorded video. After recording Media Editor is opened.
  • Media Editor: New flexible timeline. Ability to create projects with a multitude of input files by dragging them into any part of the timeline
  • Media Editor: “Media” control for easy access to project source files
  • Media Editor: Two editing modes for comfortable use: remove unwanted fragments – with “Cut”, and save desired fragments only – with “Keep”
  • Media Editor: New UI controls for easy selection of fragments by placing “Begin” and “End” markers
3.6.1311.20, 2013-11-20
  • Localization to Portugese (Brazil) language
  • Fixed sound loss while recording
3.3.1110.19, 2011-10-19
  • Arquivo de ajudo atualizado
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