Audio/video sync checker SDK

Speed up content production and live monitoring using AI/ML based SDK for automatic a/v de-sync problems detection

De-sync detection

Automatic a/v desync detection by using ML/AI algorithms

Language independent

Detection algorithm is independent from the audio track language

Continuous improvement

Option for additional learning process for neural network

GPU Accelerated:

  • Open CL
  • Cuda

Cross platform solution:

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows

Integration and deployment:

  • Easy to use C API
  • Command line mode
  • Docker container

Use cases

Content Providers
and Video Production

Automate your master copy validation before delivery to the end-users

Quality Control and

Extend functionality of your applications and multimedia analysis tools

Broadcast and streaming

Improve and speed up QA processes of your components

For over 15 years, Solveig Multimedia has developed video hadling software utilized by the major market players. Here are some of them



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