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Beta Testing - Video Splitter 2.4 Beta - MP4, AVCHD smart editing, joining.


Olga Krovyakova:
Hello all,

There were some synchronization problems with files of AAC audio.

We have made some changes with Video Splitter 2.4 beta version,  it is available for tests under the same link:

We appreciate any feedback and/or bug reports.


Thank you for you help, I sent a PM with all the info!

Olga Krovyakova:
Hello Arto65,

There are really some problems with editing of m2ts files with AVC video.

I've not reproduced exactly the same problem that you've described, so could you please send me your file and please specify start/stop times of the selected fragment.

You can use one of the public file host services to send it. For example this one: or which comes with 2 GB free space for file sharing.


I tried to split an m2ts file (bluray rip) with solveigmm VS 2.4.1104.15 (registered user), but with no success.
Solveigmm correctly loads the file, no problem to set the markers, but it fails to save the selected fragment.
The "now splitting the sequence..." pops up, stays at 0% then disappears, it creates a 0kb m2ts file and says it finished successfully.

The video is AVC High@L4.1, 22.5mbps VBR, NTSC, YUV...
Is there anything I can try ?

Dmitry Vergeles:
Hello all,

Our team put much effort to finalize AVC/H264, MP4, AVCHD files support for frame accuracy/ GOP accuracy editing and merging.

It's time to present quite stable beta version - 2.4

We are looking forward for your reports concerning these new features.
We supply our active beta testers with license keys.

Thanks in advance.


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