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Hypercam 3.0 Beta version (decembre 2009)


Dmitry Vergeles:
Well if it is important for you, you can just buy and register HC3 and it will operate.

If it won't suit you, you can request a refund, that is no problem.


It's a big problème for me !

I must realised a viewing (during 1h30) and I have any time to choose the software.
I can to take a diaporama powerpoint (slide fix) or other (movie).
How many time will be await befor the download of a new version (days, month) ?
I can't see always the days about your web site news. Can you send an automatic message ?

Thank you

Dmitry Vergeles:
Hello GCAsPic,

HC3 is going to be released pretty shortly. Please keep an eye on the HyperCam page news


I thing buy Hypercam after to try it, but at this time, i can't execute this software evaluation (version 3.0.911.2).

I have the message "The evaluation data expired...." when I run it.

Can you give me the link at the last version.

Thank you and sorry for my english


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