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HyperCam 3.1 pre-beta: WMV/ASF output, portable intsallation, ...


Dmitry Vergeles:
Hello All,

We have uploaded pre-beta of HyperCam 3.1 version.
New features are:

1 - Ability to use Microsoft Sceen codec and write  WMV files with further editing
2 - Ability to use some other third party codecs to be pre-setup at PC like MPEG-2, ACV/H264, etc. and put them to ASF files.
3 - Ability to install portable version that you can write to CD/USB stick, and consume in different PC's without additional installation
4 - Russian interface is available. German is coming.

All the bugs, wishes or advices you can post either here or write us though web-site

The intsallation is available at the link below:

The online HyperCam guideline:

Thank you for attention :)


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