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SolveigMM HyperCam 3.0 Alpha is out


Dmitry Vergeles:
if it hanged, you can shut it off through the task manager. click ctrl + shift + esc, сhoose SHH_HyperCam.exe process and delete it from the task.

I just downloaded Hypercam 3, and I selected the region on my screen, and I pressed record. But the toolbar disappeared and when I click the Hypercam 3 icon on my desktop, it doesn't do anything. The box is still here, and it is still recording. ..I think it is. I don't know. I right clicked on the region, and chose 'Close X', but it didn't do anything either. How do I stop recording? Or shut it off? Why isn't the long black toolbar thing popping up when I click the Hypercam icon? Please help, I don't know if it's still recording or not, the region is still there...

Dmitry Vergeles:
3.0.905.4,  Update, 2009-05-04

All the changes -

          - In full screen mode borders were not shown despite "Show recording borders" settings
          - Sometime recording borders were overlapped by some windows, now they should be topmost
          - Arranged default hot-keys according to be the same as in HyperCam 2
          - If one selected a recorded file and pushed "browse", the explorer window that opens would not always highlight the same AVI file
          - Some improvements to video/audio synchronization causing 100% CPU load during recording

            - Recording state is indicaticated by "Pause" button blinking in Leave Opened and "HyperCam Bar" HC3 modes
            - A note text may be edited by a double click on this note in HyperCam list.
            - First version of the command line implementation. HC2 command line format has been kept
            - Saving "Region", "Fullscreen" or "Window" button states upon HC3 close/open
            - Ability to close the recording borders by double click on the frame label (left-top gray rectangle)
            - Ability to close the recording borders (red frame) by pushing out corresponding "Region", "Fullscreen" or "Window" button

            - Disable the ability to get negative coordinates by dragging a border out of a screen bounds
            - Disable edit boxes while recording to prevent unpredictable behavior

Dmitry Vergeles:
April 22, 2009 - we have a new test version 3.0.904.20. See a log of chages at:

Dmitry Vergeles:
SolveigMM HyperCam 3 is a new version of a famous HyperCam util being developed mutually by SolveigMM and Hyperionics LLC.

It is intended to capture screen, videos and sound being played back and a microphone input.
With its help you can make a video tutorial, presentation with screen notes or just grab a  movie from some software player.

The main advantages of  HyperCam 3 over previous versions are as follows:
- new skinned user friendly interface
- an ability to grab video in overlay mode
- an ability to edit captured video file with HyperCam Media Editor
- an ability encode a captured sound


- Saving captured data to AVI files
- Encoding video/audio with codecs presented on PC
- Editing captured AVI files with K-Frame accuracy (trim and join)
- Comprehensive screen notes workflow


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