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Olga Krovyakova:
Hello Charleserion,

Thank you for reply. Seems you have chosen another theme for the answer.
The initial was this

According to the error "HyperCam 3 Error: Video compression is not ok {}",
please send us to support(at)solveigmm(dot)com screenshots of your settings in Audio, Video, Extras tabs of the Options.

Also we need the screenshot of this error message and please specify also on  what stage does this error message appear (the start of record, recording, when you click on pause, continue the recording after pause, stop recording)?

According to the second problem with cracling sound, we need also the screenshots of your setting if they are not as in the posts
Hypercam_fan from February 10, 2012, 01:46:30 am and from February 11, 2012, 12:18:18 am.
And also please specify in  what player do you playback the file after recording.

--- Quote ---I think if the CPU load up HyperCam must skip frames, how does WM Capture Tool for examle with MPEG2.
--- End quote ---

HyperCam works exactly in such a way.

OK Syndication (XviD-tested), but often pop-up "HyperCam 3 Error: Video compression is not ok {}".
Only when the CPU load up, as the media "x264 player or how hard - and those mp3.
I think if the CPU load up HyperCam must skip frames, how does WM Capture Tool for examle with MPEG2.
But the screen real record is less than 8 pixels (width and height).

Dmitry Vergeles:
drake05, thank you for your post, we have updated the hypercam, please download the latest version.

Still same problems.HELP!

Dmitry Vergeles:
HyperCam 3.0.908.17 got available

3.0.908.17,  Update, 2009-08-20

    * Fix:
          o   - In two monitor configuration sometimes the coordinates were drawn out of HC3 controls
            - Turning of “Show recording bounds” feature did not work
            - Now if some being encoders enumerated delivers any message it should arise after splash hiding
            - Changed buttons with border sync behavior. Now if the border closed a button should get to unpushed state
    * Feature:
          o   - Added correct workflow of mouse clicks sound insertion. It is mixed to any “Source” channel with volume according to the settings
    * Change:
          o   - Enhanced border width/height multiplicity behavior Now if to minimize HC3, it goes to “HyperCam Bar” if “Minimize to HyperCam Bar mode” is switched in


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