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SolveigMM Video Splitter 1.1 Beta (WMV/ASF support)

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In the keyboard shortcuts list, I would add and PageUp\PageDown for many K frames movement (forwards\backwards) or at least a combination (Shift + Arrow)..

I believe that if the next version of Video Splitter makes all these features true & (most of all) keeps the LIGHTNING spees of it, your product will be the best possible AVI editor, simple, fast & just-do-it!

PS: Because I'm a marketing consultant, you might have to "push" your product (SolveigMM Video Splitter) a little bit in advertising in cyberspace, so that everyone will know what it can do & (mostly) how FAST it can do it... Say, "try to find a faster AVI editor... you won't!"

Dmitry Vergeles:
We are remember that you have already asked as abut this feature

--- Quote ---There are no keys for frame-by-frame movement (or at least - if not keys - mouse wheel!). This is a big trouble for me, since I cannot make a down-to-1-frame-specification! This means low precision in cuttings... (my previous software - TMPGEnc XPress - has already this feature - give it a look)
--- End quote ---

In reality this is not the problem to add frame accuracy navigation.
But as you probably know the Video Splitter performs trimming task with K frame accuracy.

That means whatever frame in a video fragment you navigate an output (trimmed) fragment will be started with a K Frame.

By the way you can navigate by K Frames with Left/Right arrows

The full chortcut schedule is as follows:

--- Quote ---Next K frame              - Right arrow
Previous K frame        - Left arrow
Play/Pause                 - Space
Set new marker          - Ctrl + M
Remove marker          - Delete
Clear all markers        - Ctrl + C
Select fragment          - Ctrl + S
Invert timeline            - Ctrl + I
Start splitting process  - Ctrl + T
--- End quote ---

Nevertheless we have got a user feedback that such a frame navigation would be handy even with K frame accuracy trimming.

So do you think so?

Now about a frame accuracy trimming feature. We are going to implement this feature. I suppose it will be added to Video Splitter within one or two months.

Is there any possibility in the future to include the "keyboard support" in SolveigMM Video Splitter?

When I say keyboard support, I mean to make use of arrow keys, PageUp\Down... to make selection of frames easier & more accurate...
The true is that by mouse, the accuracy is... simply 0!

Also, is there any way to increase the selection's accuracy down to frame-level?

Where do you think that the new version (that will include these features) will be available? More\less...

Dmitry Vergeles:
Hello Robert,
Thank you for warm words of our software and detailed explanation.
Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Thanks Dmitry for your quick and very informative reply, and thanks for making such a great product. It sure beats editing WMV files with Microsoft movie maker, or even Ulead Videostudio (which is a good product but useless for WMV).

It would be great to use your product on Mpeg 2 when that becomes available. As for mpeg1 editing, this is not very important for me, except I'd like to edit some music video and flim clips that I have legally downloaded from the net, burn them to a dvd and use them for educative purposes in my work. I realise the quality will not be first class, but if I can edit in a relatively lossless way (as Solveig manages to do with WMV files) then I will not lose too much quality even when I burn them to dvd. And anyway, it would be just for teaching use, not for professional distribution. None of my editing is for commercial use. I am just an interested amateur who stumbled, luckily upon your product through reading the excellent videohelp forums.


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