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SolveigMM Video Splitter 1.2 beta with batch files support


Dmitry Vergeles:
SolveigMM Video Splitter v beta update is available.
Zooming timeline slider In/Out feature was implemented.

- The bug with HD WMW Video was fixed. Video Splitter was unable to trim some HD WMW files because of out of memory

- Zooming timeline slider In / Out feature was implemented.
- "Jump to 2 min backward / forward" hotkeys (SHIFT+Left / Right Arrow) were added
- Navigation Commands were placed to Edit->Navigation submenu
- Zoom Commands were placed to Edit->Zoom submenu

Dmitry Vergeles:
SolveigMM Video Splitter 1.2 User Guide:

Dmitry Vergeles:
Version update  Release Date: July 15,  2006


-The bug with Unicode file names e.g. with Chinese or Japanese symbols was fixed. Video Splitter was unable to open/same such files.
-The bug with opening/playing WMV files by Windows Media Player was fixed. After opening, WMP  didn’t start playing of WMV files produced by Video Splitter.
-The ASF files produced by Beholder TV Tuner was fixed. Video Splitter was unable to edit ASF files (DivX + PCM) captured within Beholder TV Tuner.
-Some more bugs with WMV video/audio trimming precise were fixed


-Some Menu, Context Menu and Batch Manager changes were made for GUI simplification.
-"Menu->Output File Name.." was changed to "Save Media File As..". This menu point sets out file name and either starts trimming or add task to batch queue.
-"Context Menu->Save Selected Fragment As..." point was added.  This point operates like "Menu->Output File Name.." but with one fragment only.
-"Invert Time Line Fragments" command automatically adds additional markers if it is necessary.
-For now you can switch off "Markers K Frame Positioning" and "Slider K Frame Positioning"
-Ignoring Trimming Errors" feature was added. (It's used when WM/ASF Reader delivers error "the buffer is not big enough").
-All the features including Task List (batch) file format is documented.

Dmitry Vergeles:
batch file structure
Batch files Video Splitter supports have extension - *.xtl and based on DirectShow Editing Services XTL format.

timeline Element
The timeline element defines the timeline. This element is the root node in the XML file.
<timeline> </timeline>

group Element
The group element defines a group, the top-level object in a timeline.
<group name="C:\video\result\Noname.avi"> </group>
Attributes: name

track Element
The track element defines a track object (media files  ).

 <track video="1" audio="2" obey_sample_times="0">
Attributes: video, audio, obey_sample_times

clip Element
The clip specifies a media source.

<clip src="C:\video\Progulka.avi"  start="00:00:00.00"    stop="00:12:32.00" />
Attributes: src, start, stop

name Attribute
The name attribute specifies output file name with path

video Attribute
The video attribute specifies number of video stream. 0 value means the output file has not to contain a video stream

audio Attribute
The audio attribute specifies number of audio stream. 0 value means the output file has not to contain an audio stream

obey_sample_times Attribute
The obey_sample_times attribute specifies to use alternative synchronization algorithm. 0 value means to use default one.

src Attribute
The src attribute specifies the path name of an input media file

start Attribute
The src attribute specifies start time of a fragment to be saved in output file.

stop Attribute
The src attribute specifies stop time of a fragment to be saved in output file.

Must be a string with the format hh:mm:ss.ff format, where hh = hours, mm = minutes, ss = seconds, and ff = fractions of seconds. Example: 1:04:30.512. Leading units can be omitted. For example, 3:00 (three minutes) and 45 (45 seconds) are both valid.

batch file example:

    <group name="C:\video\result\Noname.avi">
        <track video="1" audio="2" obey_sample_times="0">

            <clip src="C:\video\Progulka.avi"  start="00:00:00.00"    stop="00:12:32.00" />
            <clip src="C:\video\Progulka.avi"  start="00:32:41.00"    stop="00:42:02.00" />
            <clip src="C:\video\Progulka.avi"  start="00:54:09.00"    stop="01:08:51.00" />

    <group name="C:\video\result\Noname1.avi">
        <track video="0" audio="1" obey_sample_times="1">
            <clip src="C:\video\Microcosmos.avi"  start="00:11:48.08"    stop="00:20:14.52" />

As result there should be created two files:
1 - C:\video\result\Noname.avi
the file have to consist of three sequential fragments from C:\video\Progulka.avi

2 - C:\video\result\Noname1.avi
the file have to consist of one audio fragment from C:\video\Microcosmos.avi

Dmitry Vergeles:
SolveigMM VideoSplitter 1.2 beta with batch files support is out

SolveigMM Video Splitter being AVI Splitter, WMV/ASF Splitter is a powerful tool to perform fast video trimming tasks without any quality loss. It has intuitive user-friendly interface and allows an user to split, cut or trim a video file in few mouse clicks. Based on SolveigMM AVI Trimmer Component, SolveigMM Video Splitter is very fast (much more than real-time playback) since it is free from encoding/decoding operations.

Solveig Multimedia is proud to introduce a new feature that makes video editing more comfortable and easy. Now it is possible to define fragments in video file, turn them on or off and render final video in one pass to cut off any movie portions.

SolveigMM Video Splitter features:

Based on SolveigMM AVI Trimmer Component (COM object)
Supports any AVI file format (DV type 1, 2, OpenDML) with any video (DivX, XviD, 3ivX, etc) and audio (MPEG L. 1,2,3, AC3, etc) content
Supports WMV format
Supports ASF file format with any video (WMV 1,2,3, MPEG-4 AVC, DivX, etc) and audio (MPEG L. 1,2,3, AC3, WMAudio V 2,7,8, etc) content

AVI to ASF re-multiplexing (without re-encoding)

Supports large AVI files (more than 2GB)
Allows trimming AVI files contained VBR audio without synchronization loss
Advanced K frame navigation
K frame accuracy
WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get ) preview
Cutting off several file portions of a movie at one time is allowed. You can get rid of all commercials in your movie in a couple of simple steps.
Supports bath files (*.xtl). You can edit all the files you need in one run

- Batch files processing (trimming, saving/opening list file)
- Audio stream choosing ability was added (before, the first audio stream was trimmed )

- The bug with WMV last frame was fixed (often last video frame of WMV was not rendered)
- The bug with WMA inaccuracy was fixed
- Some trimming bugs concerning inaccuracy and video artifacts were fixed

- Batch files  processing is not documented for the present


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