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Splitter 3.0 Testing. MOV/MKV/MP4/AVCHD frame accuracy editing/ joining

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Dmitry Vergeles:
Right, Stop button has been missed :) it is in bug list already )


got the license and installed. All looks perfect. One little wish:
for navigation you have previous (K) Frame, Play/Pause and next (K) Frame. I also would like to have the button to go back to the zero
position of the video like in 2.x.

Thanks again


Olga Krovyakova:
Hello holgermh,

Thank you for your question.

Question 1: shouldn't it read ''to 3.x''?
Yes,  it should read 3.x.

Question 2: what is to be filled in ''license required''?

It means the number of licenses you would like to upgrade (1 if you have purchased earlier the 1 Video Splitter license).

The price of upgrade was changed.

Update price for standart personal  license 19.95 Euro.
Portable upgrade price is 29.95 Euro.
For commercial version is 79.95 Euro.


i just saw your upgrade offer:

''Thank you for using SolveigMM Video Splitter these years!
We offer to our customers to get an upgrade to
2.x version with 50% discount just for 17.5 EURO.
To get purchase link, please fill the web form''

Question 1: shouldn't it read ''to 3.x''?

Question 2: what is to be filled in ''license required''?

Kind Regards


Stanislav Mikhailenko:
SolveigMM Video Splitter 3.0.1201.13


- When the program is updated, there is not need to re-insert the registration code (uncheck "Remove User Settings" checkbox on uninstallation)
- "audio only" / "video only" checkboxes work now using "Save All fragments" and "Save Selected fragment as"
- Fix: unable to set focus on marker + wrong highlighting of current fragment when one marker was selected
- Redraw timeline by correct timestamps and screenshot after switching video track in files with multiple video tracks
- AVC VES support by timeline
- Some timeline drawing corrections on broken mpeg files


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