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Splitter 3.3 Beta - WEBM, VP8 frame/K-Frame accurate video editing support


Yes I the next days I am going to test a good number of WebM files...

I am pretty sure some of my files were corrupt...I want to re-download them and then try again the new Video Splitter beta.

Thank you for your hard work! Your support is great!

Stanislav Mikhailenko:
Hello ml1975,

There is an update that merges 3.3 and 3.2 versions changes

This should resolve issue with changing audio track and some others.

Could you post the files and intervals you select  that doesn't work using latest beta to reproduce it by our support team?

Some files worked...others not...but I think it's a muxing problem...but for now I cant try your WebM compatible beta anymore.

The reason is because I am editing some avi and mkv videos with 2 tracks audio...your WebM beta ( 3.3 ) still crashes when I change the audio track...I reported this bug weeks ago and you made a new 3.2 beta solving the issue...but your 3.2 beta hasnt WebM I cant try the new feature anymore...I hope you could merge your 3.3 beta with the new 3.2 beta...thank you in advance for your support!

Dmitry Vergeles:
Splitter 3.3 Beta with support of WEBM, VP8 video files Frame / Key frame editing and joining is available.

We appretiate any coments/hints/bug reports concerning new features.


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