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Splitter 4, auto slicing, AVI, FLV frame accuracy

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Just out of curiosity: If someone now bought a 3.x license, will he be eligible to update to 4.x for free? And will there be different versions, because this is named "Home Edition"?

Dmitry Vergeles:
Hello our valuable beta testers,

Splitter 4.0 is on the way and again we need your help:

Any feedback is welcomed :)

The main new features of Video Splitter 4 are:
- The support of the file format - FLV. The editing with frame accuracy for AVC codec, with K-frame accuracy for other codecs
- The editing of AVI files with frame accuracy
- Slicing files into parts of a given duration, size, or into specified number of parts.
- Saving of metadata for MP4 files
Additional minor features:
-  The ability to keep project settings (intervals, selected streams).
- The ability to clear the recent files history and ability to disable saving the recent files history
- The ability to configure destination directory for output files
- Ability to adjust playback settings (selecting video renderer)
- Text color settings for message boxes and information panel


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