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Splitter 4, auto slicing, AVI, FLV frame accuracy

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Olga Krovyakova:
Dear ml1975,

At the meantime there are two solutions, the first, you can register Video Splitter 3.7 beta with the license key and use it.

Or if you would like to get upgrade to version 4 (if it also solves the issue that you have), please send to support(at) details of your purchase (first and last names, email address, company name) and I'll assist you with the update.

Yes but 3.7 isnt a stable need to do a stable 3.x then you can ask money for 4.x...I dont want a 4.x without a license...that's can choose to give 4.x free to 3.x users...that's fine for can choose to request a payment for the upgrade...that's fine for need to make up your mind as soon as possibile because I want to work with a license and not with a trial version...otherwise I am going to buy other software...

Olga Krovyakova:
Hello ml1975,

Thank you for your post.

Could you please let us know what issue(s) with Video Splitter 3.6 you have?

Maybe this issue is already fixed in 3.7 beta version.
Please check it and let us know if it works for you.

This is very disappointing...3.6 stable version of video splitter is bugged and not very useful for need to put out a stable 3.x before working on 4.x...I cant use my license with 4.x...I cant use 3.x stable because bugged...I can pay for a good upgrade...I always buy original software I need...but I dont like to have to make up your mind and very soon...I need to work with your software right now...I dont want 4.x without a license...I paid and I want a license!

Olga Krovyakova:
Hello zeroFX,

Thank you for your question.

The date of release of Video Splitter version 4  is yet uknown.

Therefore it is hard to say at the present time if for purchases that are made at the present time will be free upgrades to version 4.


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