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looking for simple video editing without re-encoding


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Hello faelanstevie,

We have 3 products: SolveigMM Video Splitter, WMP Trimmer plug-in, AVI Trimmer + (freeware).
Each one of them supports mp4 / ts with AVC/H.264 video, however, the frame accurate trimming is available only in Video Splitter and WMP Trimmer Plug-in Business Edition.

I just got a Hauppauge HD PVR which records H.264 video in ts, m2ts, or mp4 formats. Now I want to do some really simple cutting and splicing to trim off unwanted pieces. (Use case: removing commercials from TV shows.) Is there software that will let me do that without transcoding or re-encoding the video? I'm on Win normally but have access to Mac and Linux if necessary. Free options are preferred.


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