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How to make a watchable YouTube/MotionBox video tutorial

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Thanks for your prompt reply.  No I'm not trying to playback AVI file but the FLV that YouTube ( or MotionBox ( provide after conversion.   Still my question is what is the best way to use HyperCam to make tutorial videos so they are best looking?  Thanks for your help and great tool.

Dmitry Vergeles:
Hi gamedayFILMZ,

Thank you for using our software. As you probably know AVI file format is not intended to be viewed  online or via internet streaming. For that purpose Youtube should convert yout input AVI to FLV file. As I can see in your link you try to playback online AVI file instead of FLV that is incorrectly

I just installed the Hypercam 3 beta and it seems to work fine except that when I upload to MotionBox (or YouTube) the result is unreadable.  Is there some guidelines for making videos so that they are viewable? Here is the result. How do I improve it? (The local avi is perfectly readable.)


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