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Hypercam Media editor preview doesn't play captured video

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Olga Krovyakova:
Hello mwb1100,

There was the logo of HyperCam 5 on your recorded video file therefore I said this this was the 5th version.
Unfortunately can not reproduce this bug at our end.
There is no way to configure Video Splitter instead of HyperCam Media Editor, but you can use Video Splitter if it works ok with this file.

>>Is there anything Hypercam media Editor can do that Video Splitter can't?
HyperCam Media Editor from HyperCam 6 has voice over feature.
All other features are the same as in Video Splitter Home.

What makes you believe the video was recorded with Hypercam 5?  Is there something in the file itself?   The version of Hypercam I used was given in my initial post.  Here they are posted again with the information copy/pasted using the "About" dialog's "Copy version info" button:

    Installed version  6.1.2006.05
    Version  6.1.2006.5

Hypercam Media Editor:
    Media Editor
    Installed Version: 8.0.2004.13

I have uninstalled, rebooted, and reinstalled using another copy downloaded from the webpage you posted the link to.  The same problem still happens in Hypercam Media Editor for me when I open that MP4 file and press the preview's "play" button.

Several other programs play the MP4 file without problem:

  - VLC
  - Camtasia 2020 v20.0.12 (eval)
  - Solveig Video Splitter Home 7.6.2011.5 64-bit  (eval)
  - Solveig Video Splitter Home 6.1.1812.11 /  6.1.1808.22  32-bit  (registered) -  I don't know why Video Splitter 6 gives 2 different version numbers.

Only Hypercam Media Editor has any trouble.

Maybe there's a way to configure Hypercam to use Video Splitter as the editor instead of Hypercam Media Editor?  If not, it's probably not that big a deal for me to use Video Splitter manually.  Is there anything Hypercam media Editor can do that Video Splitter can't?  Hypercam Media Editor appears to be a strict subset.

Regardless, I'm not sure there's a whole lot of value trying to track down this particular problem since there are ready workarounds.

Olga Krovyakova:
Hello mwb1100,

Thank you for the file you have sent to us.
I've checked it in HyperCam Media Editor and the preview works ok.
I've noticed that you use HyperCam 5 to record the file.
Please try to use HyperCam 6 and its HyperCam Media Editor available here for download:


Olga Krovyakova:
Hello mwb1100,

Thank you for your post.
Could you please upload for us this recorded video to any file host service, e.g. Google drive or
We would like to check this and reproduce at our end.


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