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Hypercam - recording live to youtube not functioning


Hello. I think these steps will be helpful

* Run HyperCam if it is not yet running.
* Click the Record button (the big red one) or press F2 to start recording the video.
* When you have finished, press F2 to pause the recording, or F3 to stop the recording and save the video stream onto your hard disk as an AVI file.

Olga Krovyakova:

Thank you for your post.

We aware of this issue. As soon as it will be fixed we will post the updated version here.

Version 6.1.2006.5 - trying to stream to Youtube (live).

I thought to use the key+server pair: program says it is recording, but nothing appears.

When I try to login using the so-called 'easy' interface, the dialog complains that my browser (FF - 85.0.2 64-bit) is not secure.

The 'Learn more' tab implies that Javascript is not enabled - but, after checking via 'about:config', search javascript - all javascript related items show enabled.

So, at a loss.

Recording locally works fine. Would this have anything to do with it being the first recording going to Youtube?




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