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Hypercam - recording live to youtube not functioning


Olga Krovyakova:

Thank you for your post.

We aware of this issue. As soon as it will be fixed we will post the updated version here.

Version 6.1.2006.5 - trying to stream to Youtube (live).

I thought to use the key+server pair: program says it is recording, but nothing appears.

When I try to login using the so-called 'easy' interface, the dialog complains that my browser (FF - 85.0.2 64-bit) is not secure.

The 'Learn more' tab implies that Javascript is not enabled - but, after checking via 'about:config', search javascript - all javascript related items show enabled.

So, at a loss.

Recording locally works fine. Would this have anything to do with it being the first recording going to Youtube?




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