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Unregistered hypercam 3


Dmitry Vergeles:
Hi Zadomark ,
To get logo free version  please contact us by email.

I Would Like A Registered Hyper Cam3 For Work, What Must I Do In Order To Receive?

Testing Report:

The HC3 Was Good Indeed, And The Simple Layout Made It Very Easy To Use.

Dmitry Vergeles:
Hi Solitary,

we uploaded a beta to with an evaluation period to June 10th.
If you want to test HC3 without logo for some real work please contact us and we will give you such a version in exchange for your testing report.

To register HyperCam 3, please go to

Question:How can I remove the unregistered version on top left corner?

Answer:Please note that the alpha-test version cannot be "registered" and will expire on May 10th - it's only for testing, please send us your comments and bug reports.
Latest build: 2009-05-05 ver. 3.0.905.4

Register HyperCam 3:


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