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Здравствуйте sanuchek,
Чтобы перенести лицензию на другой ПК вам нужно удалить лицензию с текущего ПК в меню "Справка"-"О программе"-"Удалить лицензию". После этого можно будет активировать на новом ПК.
Более детальное описание можно посмотреть на соответствующей странице HowTo (пока только на англ. языке).

Если нет возможности удалить лицензию самостоятельно, пожалуйста, напишите в техническую поддержку с указанием лицензионного ключа.

Относительно вашей проблемы - если она повторяется, пожалуйста, пришлите образцы файлов, которые вы редактируете, а также файл проекта с описанием последовательности действий для воспроизведения в тех. поддержку или мне личным сообщением. Пожалуйста, укажите ссылку на тему. Также, пожалуйста, уточните где вы просматриваете полученное видео.

Для отправки вы можете использовать любое файловое хранилище - Google Drive, Яндекс Диск итд.
Уважаемые разработчики, после вывода файла в местах склейки на 0,5 сек притормаживает видео. Звуковая дорожка воспроизводится, а видео - замирает. Мне порезанное видео ещё раз резать?
Так происходит не везде и не всегда, но заметно и раздражает. Ничего не менял, тот же комп, та же win7prof.
Хочу на другом компьютере попробовать порезать, но ругается на регистрационные данные. Надо удалить с одного и только после этого устанавливать на второй?
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SolveigMM Video Splitter / Re: New Timeline is not better / feedback for 7.3
« Last post by isurfsafe on August 22, 2019, 01:42:23 AM »

I come from using 6 and have figured out how to us 7.3 to mark sections as cut, but there is one thing I am not sure of.

In version 6, when selecting to cut something and then marking begin and end, that piece of cut video would show collapsed on the timeline and when I pressed play, the video would skip the cut section and I would see what the finished product would look like.

Now, it leaves the cut section uncollapsed and tinted with red and when playing, still plays the cut section.  When outputting the video, the final result does remove the cut sections, though.

Is there a way to toggle having the playback skip the cut sections so that I can view how the video will ultimately be saved?
i come from 6 too but the collapsed video always plays when i see what it will look like apology i am wrong collapsed does not play

6 was better but no mkv sound .
SolveigMM Video Splitter / Re: selecting part to delete
« Last post by isurfsafe on August 21, 2019, 01:17:29 PM »
OK see now re
The cut-intervals automatically collapsed when you work in a "Cut" mode.
You can collapse the cut interval manually in your mode - just double-click the cut interval and you'll see how collapsing works.
SolveigMM Video Splitter / Re: New Timeline is not better / feedback for 7.3
« Last post by Marty on August 20, 2019, 04:58:22 AM »
But: the shown movie flips constantly between the position of the grey mouse pointer and the yellow real playback marker, if mouse is over timeline.
that all makes editing more complicated and susceptible to mistakes.

this is by far the most annonying thing that i experienced with the 7.3 !!

Still have issues with subtitle (.srt) as well. i spend a lot of time to resync them, very annoying unfortunatly.
hope this would be fixed one day.

I add as well an another issue that i experience at each launch. Maybe a problem with memory or graphic memory, i saw here an another user who had the same issue than me, don't know if they are more of them.
When using the software, it slows down the window of other windows apps (W10 x64 last update + i7-7700 + 32Gb of Memory DDR4), and slow down the whole computer. if Videosplitter run, and that, for example, i launch a picture viewer, in the background like, fastone viewer, it take maybe 5 secondes to load one jpg picture, even more, and it the same with any other software and windows itself.

as soon as the software is closed everything come back to normal. I didn't noticed in the task manager any information which could explain what's happening, the use of memory is ok, SSD too (i only have SSD), same with my both video cards (Nvidia GT640 external and Intel HD 630 (internal).
SolveigMM Video Splitter / Re: Installer did not register files of SSP
« Last post by Maxim.Sakhankov on August 14, 2019, 07:09:30 PM »
Hello Gabrialkhan,
It is correct, Video Splitter does not register as a default application to open ssp files. However, you can load this type of files into Video Splitter as well as AVI Trimmer+.
General Discussion / Re: Change E-mail address
« Last post by Maxim.Sakhankov on August 14, 2019, 07:00:47 PM »
Hello Bitrik,
Please send send this request to our technical support.
Hello Helsinki,
Avi Trimmer + MKV operates with the key-frame accuracy. What you need is a frame accuracy. You can check Video Splitter. It supports MKV files and it can trim with frame accuracy.
General Discussion / Change E-mail address
« Last post by Bitrik on August 13, 2019, 06:21:30 PM »
How do I update the e-mails related to my licenses??
I have a new e-mail-address and would like to get rid, cancel my previous e-mail due to spam overload.
Thanks anyway.
Hello everyone,,
Im looking for a software that can cut MKV videos with extreme precision.


It doesn't have to have milliseconds, but the Minutes:Seconds must be precise; most of the time the software i use to cut 30 seconds of a video ends cutting 32 or 31.

I have tried many that claim to be precise, but the results are awful or completely wrong.

SolveigMM AVI Trimmer+MKV: It is not precise. If i choose 00:20:00 the result is 00:21:00 most of the time.
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