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Hello TrevorNoah,

The feature you described is available in Video Splitter - it is capable to save a rotation angle from the source file into an output file and also capable of frame accurate trimming.
Hello lemonade747,
I would like to clarify that Video Splitter only have the possibility to rotate the preview video. Currently it does not save the rotation that you manually applied to a preview.
I will post here if we implement saving a manually specified rotation.
As the title above, I already rotate the video (let say 180 degrees), and in the preview I saw it rorated properly but after I saved and finished the cutting process, then I opened it to view but it's still the same degree as the original one. Did I miss something or SolveMM Video Splitter doesnt have the video rotating feature?

Thank you!
General Discussion / Re: How can I transfer iphone videos to ipad?
« Last post by destroix on May 13, 2019, 09:21:03 AM »
If the video files are .mov, .avi or .mp4, simply drag and drop the files into your iTunes library, then connect your iPhone and click on it in iTunes, go to the video tab and select sync all video. Click apply and sync your iPhone. If the files aren't the above format, you can't do this, but you can download a program to convert them to one of the formats so you can do this.
SolveigMM Video Splitter / Video splitter / Trimmer (not video editor - see description) [Windows]
« Last post by TrevorNoah on May 12, 2019, 05:38:01 PM »
I want to take snippets out of many video files. For example I have a ten second video and I want to extract a five second clip from the middle, let's say 00:02 - 00:07.

The catch is most my videos are vertically recorded smartphone videos. Most video editors will allow me to cut out a snippet but will produce a 16:9 video with black bars on each side. I want to keep the aspect ratio and everything the same.

I have a lot of these videos so I would prefer it be something I can do quickly for each one. Any recommendations?
Hello Nathalia,
The problem with the MPEG video preview while frame-stepping had been fixed in the latest beta (32-bit, 64-bit).
Здравствуйте Vadim,
В последней бета-версии (32-бит, 64-бит) был исправлен предпросмотр MPEG видео при шагании по кадрам.
Здравствуйте marabu,
В последней бета-версии (32-бит, 64-бит) была добавлена поддержка OPUS аудио в MKV файлах. Также, добавили поддержку резки VP9 видео с точностью до группы кадров.
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