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HyperCam / Re: Hypercam bar on task bar doesn't appear anymore.
« on: September 20, 2013, 06:51:46 AM »
Also if you open HyperCam 3 as administrator then it will not be minimized to the bar.
Yup. That did it. Hypercam bar is back in action. :D

..but why is that a thing? Opening as admin removes that ability? Weird.

In any case, I can't just record log files when the error only happens after the installation itself, not recording of videos. I can't do anything or change settings with Hypercam until I close the error message, and by that time the error already happened, so creating a log won't show anything anyway.

Is there a way to log the program's installation progress? That'd get you the error.

HyperCam / Re: Hypercam bar on task bar doesn't appear anymore.
« on: September 17, 2013, 07:58:06 AM »
Upon install of the beta of Hypercam 3, I was given the same error message that states

CreateProcessWithTokenW failed with error 740: The requested operation requires elevation.

With this version, it has yet again refused to minimize to the hypercam bar that shows up on my taskbar. It simply shows the box like any other program, and does not give me options for recording, pausing, stopping video, etc. I know it wasn't removed because I installed from the same file multiple times and it simply removed itself.

I'm currently trying to test the screenshot in Diablo 2 since it was failing on Hypercam 3, Fraps, and HyperDesktop, but after the installation of the beta, now Diablo 2 won't even run if Hypercam 3 is running. It locks up on a loading screen.

Tested it when playing Need For Speed World, and the video doesn't lag anymore. I used Microsoft Video 1 at the default 75 Temporal Quality Ratio, then maxed it at 100 and recorded another video. Neither one has video or audio stuttering whatsoever. I do have some clicking, and only in the video playback in the middle of a song, so I don't know if it's microphone feedback or whatnot. I tested with the same audio file again to no avail. No clicks. Weird.

I have listed..
Cinepack Codec by Radius (No audio stuttering or lag while recording, but video playback has a severe lack of movement in every way possible. It looks like screenshots every few seconds.)
DV Video Encoder
Intel IYUV codec (two of them, but cannot select the second one, it automatically selects the first)
MJPEG Compressor
MSScreen 9 encoder DMO
Microsoft Video 1 (as previously mentioned)
WMVideo8 Encoder DMO
WMVideo9 Encoder DMO

I'll give the pc restart, try Diablo 2 again, and post my findings here.

Edit :
Diablo 2 did just as it did before. loaded, got to the black screen before opening the company logos, and stopped responding. It's not the vanilla game, it's not the modded game, nor is it the PlugY mod that I use. They all function as expected as soon as Hypercam is closed.

HyperCam / Hypercam bar on task bar doesn't appear anymore.
« on: September 15, 2013, 11:43:44 AM »
I was going to open this as my statement..

First off, specs ahoy.
So, I've got Version 3.5.1211.29 of Hypercam.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (currently in use)
Windows XP SP3
AMD Phenom II x4 955 3.2ghz quad
MSI Superpipe Geforce GTX 285
4gb of DDR3 ram

I can record audio from the computer as well as from my microphone. XP couldn't do that. No big deal. Problem with 7 is that it will not give me any options to record other than completely uncompressed video. I can record uncompressed video at 10 and 15fps with very little framerate slowdown while recording full 1080p. The resulting video I recorded not only skips every few seconds, but also freezes sometimes too. The audio skips as well, though not as much. The video studder becomes more fluid but also more skippy with higher framerate, and my in-game framerate slows when recording at a higher fps.

What weirded me was that the only post I could find whatsoever was on the Hypercam 2 forums, and it was because the 32bit and 64bit programs couldn't see the codecs of the opposite bit. When I downloaded Hypercam 2 version 2.28.01, both 32bit and 64bit, they both see the exact same codecs that Hypercam 3.5 cannot.

After this was posted, opening the program again to take a screenshot of the error.. it asked to register the key again. After registering the key, it reads all of the available codecs. What I realize is that when I uninstalled Hypercam 2 with Revo Uninstaller, it deleted files that belonged to Hypercam 3.

I used Revo to reinstall Hypercam 3, and the first message I got after installing was something failed to launch because it needed to be elevated, yet the program loaded no problem. At first none of my preferences stayed upon closure of the program, and the bar on the task bar wouldn't open upon minimizing the program. I restarted the computer to see if it would fix it, and now my preferences stay as they should, but the bar still doesn't appear when minimized. I believe it was the error message that needed elevation, but don't know how to resolve it.

A friend of mine, when booting Hypercam 3, all of his programs freeze, including hypercam, and stop responding. Sometimes he can get away with closing them, but other times he has to restart. He's reinstalled using Revo multiple times, and it's the same result every time. I'm not sure what to suggest here for him.

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