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General Discussion / Subtitle and multiple audio track support?
« on: February 23, 2015, 11:44:30 AM »
AVI Trimmer + MKV is a great piece of software. There are however two huge cons:
- It cannot handle more than one audio track at a time
- It cannot handle subtitles (and by subtitles, I don't mean that I want to create hardcoded subtitles from a file. I need the subtitles inside the MKV to be preserved, but cut down according to the edits I've made)

From the demo, it doesn't look like your flagship software "Video Splitter" can do these things either.

Are there any plans for implementing support for these things? MKV is thriving particularly because it can have these things in them, and the files are easily customized using MKVmerge, except that doesn't support non-keyframe editing. If these features were there, I'd buy Video Splitter in a heartbeat...not to mention, I'd never need another piece of video editing software for many years.

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