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SolveigMM AVI Trimmer / videos drag and lag after splitting
« on: November 27, 2008, 03:07:03 PM »

my videos lag and drag after splitting using either ver. 1.6.804.17 or ver. 1.6.810.31.. i have ver 1.6.804.17 installed now..

i just built this dual core system a week or so ago. and all i do is play fps games and make videos with the latest full retail version of zdsoft game recorder. as best i know. my install is flawless and my simple over clock passes all stress tests etc.. and i added the amd dual core optimizer and the latest ms hot fix. the 1 where you do not have to make manual reg changes etc. but my system did act funny before i installed the hot fix.. just moving my mouse across my desk top it would drag and lag etc.. but the hot fix took care of all of that and what games ive tried works fine. ive been playing farcry2 and making movies with zdsoft for 6 to 10 hours at a time with no problems..

um being this is my main game system. i try to keep my os as lean and clean as possible and i keep good security and the system defraged etc. and while gaming recording or editing splitting videos etc.i have all extra programs turned off. all my security is off other than my fire wall. as like always.. but being a game machine and i do my own builds and cooling and case mods etc. i do not use cool and quiet tho it is installed.. i mean its on in my bios and windows makes ya install it or it will bug ya.. but from start/control panel/power options/ power schemes im set to home/desk office. that is said cool and quite is off etc. and i do not use windows media player.. tho as best i know from updates wmp11 and all updates or security is up to date.. just i have it turned off in system defaults.. i never let it run and set its self up.. so i dont know if digi rights is acting up or what but.. best i know all drivers and chip sets all of it is up to date on my new build..

the program solveig installs and seems to run right.. i tell it not to install the wmp plug in..i dont use wmp and the plug in is just test stuff unless you buy i dont need or want it installed period. but i split my movies and they drag and lag during play back.. i tried wmm it works fine.. i dont like it it changes codec and up sizes my video.. i record to avi v2 512x384 10fps and mp3 audio a 5 minute movie time average of say 54mbs.. but i upload to youtube and some other sites. so i keep my vids under 10 minutes and 100mb size.. but as seen.. time is my only worries and is why some i have to split.. but wmm will up size to 640x480 and to wmv.. the quality is not bad..but i try to go for 512x384 like i do all in 1 shot because say youtube will reconvert and resize for its default player size that is more small than i record to.. its better to down size than to up size in conversions etc etc..but

ive used solveig on my other system my kn8 and amd4000+ single core system with out problems.. again my system seems to run perfect.. i turn off all un needed back ground stuff. and my system plays games well and zdsoft works fine and windows movie maker too.. so. does solveig just not like some older amd dual core systems.. do i need to lock affinity to 1 core or something..ive read of that but for other things..having to manually lock cores or program incompatibilities is why i waited so long to even bother with multi core systems.. i mean it sounds like more trouble than its worth..i was happy with my single core system..but new games need more powerful hardware. and this dual core system was my next step. its a lil older but more new and powerful than i was using.. so..

what do you think?? is it my old amd dual core system dont like solveig.. is it some simple fix.. or should i try to find another free program just to do simple avi video splits for me..and if so.. do you have any suggestions as to what free program should work right on my amd dual core rig.. and that is clean of junk?

i really like your simple free split program.. and it has made me some nice videos with no loss in quality.. im disabled. i do not work. all i do is play my games sometimes 17 hours a day or even more and make movies.. im sad i cant figure out why it solveig will not work right on this system.. can ya help me out??

thanks.. sorry so long.. and i do not type well- but im trying to give as much info as i can- oh ya-- happy holidays to all :)

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