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I am interested in the HyperCam 3 portable option. However, it is notability more expensive then the standard. I am impressed with the improvements that I bought it after 19 days of using the product. Competing products couldn't deliver the same performance without frame rate between audio sink issues, and so I bought it! I really love it, I have Dolby ACM AC-3 Encoder audio and MJPEG compressor... but I also went here on how to get MPEG audio layer 3 audio working. It throws up an error message, and I somehow damaged the MPEG 3 Layer encoder. Anyway, I appreciate the product! Also, the MJPEG compressor encoder I got is interlaced... it doesn't have a properties page ether.
Also, I would like to have more information on the portable, as I couldn't read it correctly. Thinks....

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