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just got the update info of the release of 7.3.2002.06, so i installed it...
and while doing some cut of some files, the save (separated cut) stop in the middle, after processing one or two cut, it stop.. i can hit the cancel button... i relaunch the save.. and ... freeze again, now it's on an another video, and it freeze at 4/6.

no other choice to go back to the previous version. can send the files if needed to the support  >:(

Video Splitter / Dump file is 5Gb, how to stop it ?
« on: November 24, 2019, 10:28:17 PM »

a dump file is in my C:/logs , but it's 4 Gb big...

 i assume that during a previous "help" message from me, i activated this dump on the request of one of the admin here, but is there a possibility to turn it off now or it's needed ? my videosplitter is always making windows 10 going slow a lot when using it, never had an answer about this issue, and i'm asking myself if it's not because of this dump file. Thanks.

Hi, since i updated the software to 64 bits (was running the 32 bits version) i have a logo showing Elecard in the up corner of the preview video. can't remove it. i see it's in the list of codec used by your sofware. and tonight, while doing my favorite game, splitting video, i got a "trial ended of elecard, blablabla purchase proper blablabl"

yes in the past i used trial of software like progdvb, but i installed it. no idea if it's related or not. in the list of codec used by your softwate it's written Elecard Codec (custom)... i saw that in the last log of the update of the x64 bits version, there is this : 'Fixed overlaying an "Unregistered" logo on some MPEG-4 videos'

not sure if it's related. deinstalled your software and reinstalling it didn't solved the issue. i'm afraid i will switch back to the 32 bits version meanwhile, to avoid this problem because i kind of tried everything which came in mind with no luck. Thanks !

Video Splitter / General Windows 10 x64 slowdown when using SMV 7
« on: January 29, 2019, 06:05:45 AM »

here an another issue i have with SMV. i have it since a long time (maybe with the 6 as well but my memory is bad).

when using SMV, i have a general slow down in the use of windows ! SMV work fine, but for example, i open a file to insert in SMV, or using windows while SMV is open , and everything is slow. i checked the ressource and the use of Cuda, graphic card (GT 640 Zotac), the Cpu, Hard Disc (SSD (Crucial MX500 or 850 Samsung EVO) or normal Hard Disc directly from Sata or on a network (from a synology NAS) make the same issue.
CPu use is normal as well. No idea what's doing that. I have an i7-7700, 32Gb of Ram, Windows 10 Pro x64 with a GT640 Nividia Card. This is only software of all the ones i have on windows who make this issue :D.

Actually SMV is open, windows react slowly (all the windows, opening closing, moving etc...).
Cpu in use is 0 to 2%. Ram use is 5Gb on a total of 32. (16%)
Temp on all core are very low (28° on each core).

for exemple, i click on "+" to add a video file in SMW and it take 5 seconds to open the explorer window !

It's an issue as well which happen with time. for example, SMW just crashed. I reload it, open the backup save file, and it's working ok ! windows , explorer etc... but after a while... like if something make it slowing the whole machine after a whole, maybe the recording of the error log ? or the continuus backup ? or maybe some cache issues in the software ?

Any help is much appreciated ! Thanks.


This is interesting. Is it faster to write to the support instead of here ?

i shared some messages in the past with the support about the crash of this "SMM_OCXSlider.ocx" while using the solveig software. at this time, support told me it was not SMF which had an error but my device driver, a counter design shuttle expres, who is a jog and some buttons who just send keys shortcut.

well, the crash are continuing with the 7.0 of course, but with an another device, from an another brand. I use Bome Midi Translator with a Steinberg CMC-Ai, who does the same. there is a Jog to move the slider faster in the timeline. why i would do that ? because i'm a disabled  person with hands issues, so i use these kind of device to lower the use of my hands and pains because i can't use a mouse or something like that in a repetitive way.

what both devices does ? isomething very simple... they just send Keyboard shortcut !

so, to move the slider in the timeline, a shortcut is used, it's just using the "move to the next K frame" shortcut. so when i turn my jog, it's sending this "right or left" shortcut keys to the software. nothing else. it's working perfectly, EXCEPT that "sometimes", the software crashes.. most of the time, it crash near or when the slider moved on the part where 2 videos files are joined. (i can make a picture to explain it better).

now, these devices are from different brand, work differently, don't crash in other software (cubase, Vegas Pro etc..)
the counter design shuttle express device use his own software through his own driver.
but the steinberg CMC Ai is just sending Midi command ! he's not even seen by SMF, the software which translate the midi command to keyboard shortcut (under windows 10) is Bome Midi translator, a very well known software in this field.

So i can understand that in the first place, it could be a problem with my device, but here it's different.

it's maybe a bug, or maybe your software can't handle too much shortcut sent one after one, i don't know... any help would be much appreciated. your software is very helpful, i appreciate a lot the "last backup" feature which is saved so often that when it crash, i can restart the edit from where it crashed, (maybe it's the issue ? it crashes when the backup is saved ?), but i admit as well that it's an issue which put on Nerves a LOT . !

Thanks for any help !


just upgraded to the 7.0 version. so far, everythink is working ok, except  that most of the issues i had are still there (random crash, etc..).
marker are a bit faster i agree, but so far, it's the only difference and feature that i see... it's more a 6.5 version than a 7.0

but the main issue is that when cutting a video file which has external subtitles, like a Mp4 / .srt file , the result provide an ok mp4 file but the subtitle file is empty.. it's a 0 bytes Srt file.

in a Mkv, it's working ok (so far).


first, i just saw the link to the last beta, i didn't tried it yet. i describe this issue by using 6.1.1710.11 home version.

when i import multiple file in the timeline (for example 6 or 7 Mp4 video files (usually H264 + AAC), the software freeze completly (the screen turn transparant/white). it's happen under a specific situation but no matter which file i use, it's always doing it !

- with one file only in the time line, after a moment, the software Freeze during few seconds and continue to work.

- sometimes, it's the output rendering which stop working (the export several segment feature). it doesn't start. and the software stop working. only solution : killing the task in the task manager, and call back the backup, and from this point the export work properly.

but the most annoying issue is this one :

with several files in the timeline, ii freeze and stop working.
it happens mainly when i'm trying to move the cursor (i'm using a contour shuttle express to move the cursor) ,at the junction between two files. it's like if the software maybe do a backup at this time and it crashes, while saving it (or maybe it's something else).
why i think about a crash ? because if i restart the software, the backup start exactly where i stoped the edit when it crashed ! so the backup is few seconds old.

only way to continue to work is to kill the task in the task manager, reload the software , then , it provide me the backup project, that i load it, and i can work again on the project.
the freeze will appear again later but not immediatly, let's tell maybe 10 minutes later.

any idea ?

Video Splitter / Cut a .TS video and including DVB subtitles ?
« on: September 08, 2017, 03:52:09 AM »
Hi, i'm from france.

i recorded a .TS video on french TV , i wanted to cut it, everything went fine except something. it didn't cut and saved with the final .TS file the subtitle streams (for hearing impaired).
the original video (not cutted) work fine in media player with the subtitles, such as Media player classic Home cinema or other players, but if i cut it, i lost the subtitle stream.

will this feature be included in the future ? or is it a bug ? (i can provide anyfile for this for test or developpement).

Thanks ! :).

Video Splitter / Weird Personnalised Title while saving
« on: May 13, 2017, 01:20:54 AM »
Hello !

i just downloaded the last version (1705.12) released today thanks ! :)
didn't see yet any news feature which could help me but always nice to see bugs fixed ;)

my issue, is that when i want to use a "personnalised name" , it make a weird name when saving, something like this :

instead of "filename_02.mp4"

to have the right name, i must uncheck this option and i have "filename_0002.mp4" who is the n:4 renaming option available by default in the preferences !

is there a way to fix this ?

as well it would be nice (i thought it was that in the list of new features but it seems i'm wrong) that once we finish to save the cut/Keep of a video file, that in the playlist, this file would be removed, so we can work on the second file in the playlist immediatly.
to do this actually, i must right click, "delete stream", then i delete the file on my hardisc (as it's of no use anymore), if not, the file can't be deleted as it's still in the software !.

Thanks ! :)

Video Splitter / Rare Random BSOD while using video splitter
« on: March 18, 2017, 04:00:19 AM »

i have sometimes (very rare, fortunatly) a Blue screen of death while using your software, and this error is given by Windows 10 x64 on the blue screen : Video Scheduler Internal Error.

do you know what does it means ? i can't post a video where the issue happens, because it's completly random.
after a reboot, if i re edit the video which crashed, the issue is no more.

it was happening a LOT while trying the trial of the 5.x, it's what made me going away from your software, that i loved. then i tried the 6.x  and seen this error was happening  less often, almost no more, and so i bought it. but unfortunatly sometimes, it's still make this error happening.

Any idea?

Thanks :) (I love your software :) ).

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