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Video Splitter / Video Splitter features ask
« on: January 31, 2006, 05:56:42 AM »
I used your software Video Splitter & I find it VERY useful (at least for me, that I don't want to spend time in video works!).
Before that, I was using TMPGEnc XPress & TMPGEnc MPEG Editor (by Pegasys) & I wasn't too happy with it, because it was taking me too damn time to do a simple work (same thing with VirtualDub) = All I need from such kind of software, is to be able to cut\remove some scattered pieces out of any AVI file (DivX compression to be precise!) in 1 editing time & to get the output AVI (again DivX!) in the minimum time possible, without any image or sound quality loss!!!

Your software was the lifeboard of mine in this, but... I have 2 objections:

There are no keys for frame-by-frame movement (or at least - if not keys - mouse wheel!). This is a big trouble for me, since I cannot make a down-to-1-frame-specification! This means low precision in cuttings... (my previous software - TMPGEnc XPress - has already this feature - give it a look)

There is no timeline-with-thumbnails feature. This is increasing the precision - since the user can see the exact point each time (this was a feature actually in a software I was using for MPEG editing - TMPGEnc MPEG Editor by Pegasys - give it a look too - it was very nice!)

I hope in a future version you 'll fix these (perhaps in combination of 1+2)! This way your software will be very much more useful!

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