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Video Splitter / Re: Will Video Splitter do this for me?
« on: January 17, 2010, 11:21:39 AM »
Thanks but it looks like what I need can't be done. (Unless a script can be dynamically built as I scrub.) I need to be able to drag a scrubber to a certain point in the clip and then 'split' the clip into two files with those files staying alphabetically in order.  What it looks like with the scripting language is that I somehow need to determine where in the file via a time to split rather than visually looking at the file.  It looks like the visual looking at the file is for trimming not splitting. Right?

Video Splitter / Will Video Splitter do this for me?
« on: January 16, 2010, 10:45:27 AM »
I've got a series of either MOD or MPG files (not both) such as:


In this example I want to split file 2.mpg into 4 files so when VS is complete the files are renamed such that they retain their order.




Yes.  It may take a while to get you the files (They are about a gig.) but if you have a 'dropbox' I can get them to you.  If you don't then get one here. and I can

Really some problems with pause/resume mode presents.

I keep hitting this problem.  Now it stops the audio recording but not the video recording.  So I tried trimming the excess off which seemed to work.  Then I tried recording the next segment and tried joining them.  They joined but the audio is off by several seconds.  Is there a list of outstanding bugs?  I would say that this is 'alpha' quality not 'beta'  But I really like the idea.

Weird.  I joined the two files that were compatible and the audio is now out of sync by several seconds!!!  Strange.

Hmmm.  Thanks.  But somehow the different clips ended up with slightly different widths and Height so they couldn't be joined.  The only thing I can think of which could have happened was that at one point I did a pan (shift F3?)  is that possible that the video frame could have changed size when I did that?

So because I had minutes of unwanted video on one clip (then I hit F3 to stop it and to start another clip to continue)  I used AVI trimmer to trim out the bad video but how then do I combine the other videos that I made in to one video? Thanks.


Internal Mic/SigmaTel Audio/Uncompressed audio (PCM)
Microsoft Video 1

20 fps
keyframes 100


ps.  Anyway to turn off the 'unregistered logo' while I'm testing?

Hi Dmitry,

I'm actually using it on another machine now.  When I get a chance I'll retry on the vista 64 bit.  However an interesting thing is happening on my XP laptop. When I hit F2 to pause it claims it is pausing but only the audio is muted and it continues to record. (until F3) is clicked.

I will try to help you out.  I'll try to find some other recording software and see if that works.  If so then I'll let you know.

Thanks.  Perfect!  Also I noticed that I could use HyperCam 3 beta on my XP laptop but on my 64 bit vista machine I can't seem to get audio to capture.  (It may be my machine but I'm curious if it is a known issue.)

Sorry I am being so confusing.  I did not mean that I could not view the YouTube video.  I can.  My concern is the quality of the video.  I will try "Video 1 codec"  I guess I was looking for guidance along the lines of "for best results set the window to be captured at X pixels by Y pixels at a frame rate of Z". Or whatever guidance you can give me.   For instance how is something like this ( captured to have such great readable results?

Thanks for your prompt reply.  No I'm not trying to playback AVI file but the FLV that YouTube ( or MotionBox ( provide after conversion.   Still my question is what is the best way to use HyperCam to make tutorial videos so they are best looking?  Thanks for your help and great tool.

HyperCam / How to make a watchable YouTube/MotionBox video tutorial
« on: July 27, 2009, 05:11:59 AM »
I just installed the Hypercam 3 beta and it seems to work fine except that when I upload to MotionBox (or YouTube) the result is unreadable.  Is there some guidelines for making videos so that they are viewable? Here is the result. How do I improve it? (The local avi is perfectly readable.)

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