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Thank you for your quick reply and detailed answer.  Let me reply to some of your statements.

"AVI K-Frame accuracy editing"  -

I suspect you slipped into your native language here.  Can you translate to English?  :-)  How will this limit what I can do with the editing.  Does it limit where I can cut or paste the content?  Does it limit display quality?  Does it limit how much I can compress the output?  Pointer to better description is welcomed.

"Would it be attractive for you to have SolveigMM HyperCam + SolveigMM Video Splitter + SolveigMM WMP Trimmer Plugin in one bundle with significant discount?"
I think it would.  Still trying to figure out the other two products.  Digital River's sales page offers the other two products for 25% off when you buy hyper cam, so it sort of would be a bundle already.

So if you had all three products, how would you create videos and avoid the K-Frame limitation, what ever that is?  Would I record in Hypercam, but use Video Spitter to edit it?  What would that buy me.  Sort of my first question in reverse.




Very interested in buying HyperCam 3.0 but trying to figure out some details.  Functionality I need is to record screen, and be able to edit the recordings.  Seems like HyperCam is all I need because Media Editor is included.  Correct?

Playing with the trial version, I can not save edited files.  Is this a limitation only of the trial version or is there any limitations in product to save the edited version?

If I purchase Hypercam, would I want to get the VideoSplitter product.  What does VideoSplitter do that I might need?

Is there any combined super product that combines the different products?

Sorry for the pre-sales questions but I could not find a better place to ask it.


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