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Sorry, the file is about 2.5 GB so I have poor chances to upload it for you.

I solved it by using my friends MacBook Pro instead... wow, that shit rocks when it
comes to multimedia...  :)

Thanx for you program and help anyways!

// Anders

I´m trying to split a 41 min .avi file into smaller parts. AVI Trimmer says that the video is in H264 codec while the audio is unknown.

When I split to get the second part, let´s say 00:03:00:00 -, it doesnt contain video, only audio plays.

But if I add 00:00:00:00 - 00:00:10:00 to the part, then the video works (and audio).

The filesize of part02.avi (3 min - 6 min) is the same as in part01.avi (0min - 3min)... so it seems
to me that the video is in the file somewhere... he he weird!!!

I've tried to play the files with VLC, Win Media Player and even with AVI Trimmer.
All of them only plays the audio of part02.avi not video, part01.avi is fully functional with both video/audio...

Thanx for you help! 

// Anders - Sweden

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