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Thank you Maxim.

I ask also a further detail. Is it not possible to join to file through command line?

I tried also with command line simply to join to file with "Re: Multiple join jobs as batch" Olga's reply (« Reply #2 on: June 17, 2013, 11:52:27 PM »), do you confirm the described procedure is correct? Could you please provide an example of file (or text format) if it is possible?

Thank you.

Hi all,

I've seen "Re: Multiple join jobs as batch", Olga's reply about batch join and so I had a question:
If I have to separate files from which I want select some parts (e.g. from "video file 1" , 1 second between time 00:00:01 and 00:00:02 and from "video file 2"  2 second between time 00:00:02 and 00:00:04), is there any way to join this parts directly (i.e. one file with  time 00:00:01 and 00:00:02  of first file and time 00:00:02 and 00:00:04 of second file) without creating two trimmed files and after join them?
In fact, I suppose that modifying only "joining list" with selected seconds (i.e. defining start and stop time) of each files does not work.

I look forward to you suggestion

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