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AVI Joiner in the works?


Thanks, Dmitry! I'm glad to know that you also see it as a logical addition.

I just hope you're able to implement it without the hours-long recompilation time I've seen in other products. As I mentioned before, it's rarely worth the effort because of the amount of time and cpu/ram resources involved.

Good luck, and I'll stay tuned. :)

Dmitry Vergeles:
hello coyotewrw,

Thank you for the warm words of our software.

We consider implementing join feature to the Video Splitter.
I suppose it will be added in one of futher versions.


I have been using your AVI Trimmer for some time now, and I think it's an excellent product. It does what it's supposed to do, fast, easily and well. Especially fast! :)

Many time I'll have a movie that is split into multiple parts that I would like to rejoin, but the current software I'm aware of is so time-consuming that I don't bother. Often it takes HOURS to the join two avis of approx 700 mb each.

Have you considered creating an "AVI Joiner" that would be as fast and easy as the Trimmer? That would be an invaluable addition to your product line, imo.

Anyway, please keep up the fine work, and I look forward to seeing whatever you have planned for the future.



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