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Dmitry Vergeles:

--- Quote from: "scr00chy" ---Link to CZECH translation file is not working...  :(
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Link to CZECH translation file is not working...  :(

Dmitry Vergeles:
Hi Folks,

We are preparing localization of SolveigMM AVI Trimmer to different languages to make it more comfortable for non English spoken users.

We would appreciate a translation help to any of languages from native speakers.

Here is an example of the multilanguage Trimmer app:

Here is the GUI text RTF file to require a translation:

A contact email is specified here:

Currently available translations:

Italian: (thanks to buzzqw)

French (thanks to Patrick Barot)

German (thanks Klaus-Peter Luecke)

Finnish (thanks Timo Nasman)

Spanish (thanks [P]ako)

Chinese (thanks Cai Yong)

Danish (thanks BlueBoden)

Swedish (thanks Shapiro Gregor)

Romanian (thanks Bogdan Fratila)

Czech (thanks Stepanka Tomanova)

Dutch (thanks Francozero)

Thank you very much in advance!

Thank you for your notes on this. And thank you in advance for your translation.

This is kinda picky but as a professional it bugs me:
There are a number of  lines (in the .rtf) which appear as for example:

<Can`t set trimmode parameter - AudioStreamNumber>

where the character which is supposed to be an apostorphe <'> (after the <Can> and before the <t> is actually a grave accent character <`>.

Some other lines have the character correct, such as:

<Can't reopen video window. Playing stopped.>

Most lines do not end with punctuation (the most recently quoted does and the line quoted earlier does not). There should be a decision as to whether all lines should or should not be punctuated at the end (Lines that are questions must finish with a Question mark <?> Personally I like punctuation but in dialog boxes, etc. it is often superfluous.

Is <trimm list> a misspelling? I would expect <trim list>.

<config> should be spelt out <configure>, naturally when it is part of the running text and not when it is part of acommand name or the like (if there is enough room in the dialog)


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