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Dmitry Vergeles:
This section is intended to help SolveigMM consumers to understand how to use our products.

Anyone is welcome to make own how-to, let us know if enounters any helpful resources  about our software, or request some particular how to to be done.

SolveigMM AVI Trimmer

-How to edit your movie to put it on YouTube
-How to delete audio from AVI

-How to remove all commercial blocks from AVI fast ( English)
-AVI動画を画質を落とさず編集  ( Japaneese )
-TVキャプチャした動画のCMをカットしたい。  ( Japaneese )
-AVI Trimmer: Bun pentru tăieturi ( Romanian )
-Video Bölen En İyi Program SolveigMM AVİ Trimmer Resimi Anlatım( Turkish )
-AVI Trimmer :轻松裁剪AVI( Chinese )
-專門剪接AVI檔的工具AVI Trimmer(圖文教學)( Chinese )


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