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Unable to start the program


Hello gt13013,
Sorry for the delay, this problem should be fixed in the latest version. Please download the update from the AVI Trimmer web-page

Same problem here, with version 6.1.1804 and Windows 10.
Is there and older version that works?
I just want to cut some AVI and MKV videos without re-encoding.

Hello Silver,
We are aware of this problem with AVI Trimmer, I'll let you know when the fix is available.


I installed SolveigMM_AVI_Trimmer_6_1_1804_2 on a windows 10 PC. When I try to run the program I get an error stating that AVI Trimmer + has stopped working and that the problem is "going to be reported to Microsoft and I will be notified if a solution is found."

I uninstalled and re-installed the program with no effect. I restarted my computer.

I then tried to install this program on another windows 10 PC. On that PC, I try to start the program and nothing happen - no error message, it appears that the program does nothing whatsoever.



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