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Dmitry Vergeles:
SolveigMM Video Search | Console Application

The project fulfills a fast search of an input video fragment in balk of video files, finding the certain file that contains input fragment and its position in a file.
Input fragment and resulted file that contains a fragment can have different video parameters like resolution, bitrate, codec type etc.

Project consists of two console applications and one DirectShow Filter.

Indexator (IndexApp.exe) creates an index for input file or folder with media files.
Comparator (Compare.exe) searches input file in indexes of created by Indexator and delivers the results

For example we have 10 WMV files of 1 hour-length each, located in /temp directory, and one 2 minutes-length AVI file that is re-encoded fragment of e.g. 6th WVM file.
1. We index a folder with media files starting "IndexApp.exe C:\temp\*.wmv c:\temp\base_idx.txt"
2. We search input 2 minutes AVI in base_idx.txt, indexes created for  C:\temp\ folder. for that we start "Compare.exe C:\in_frg.AVI c:\temp\base_idx.txt"
3. To get searching results we see to output file created by Compare.exe

Firstly we start IndexApp.exe


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