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ASF Multiplexer beta-testing is needed

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Dmitry Vergeles:
Hello Javi,

Well, it seems a crash cause is graph re-switching.
Could you please contact us at ?

I have proved the filter using it in GraphEdit and with one client only during 3 hours and the error hasn't ocurred.

I hope this could help you!

Best regards,


Dmitry Vergeles:
Hello Javi,

It seems as a general protection error caused by SolveigMM Muxer.
Can you reproduce this situation in GraphEdit?

One more thing, to localize the error could you repeat this error with one sending graph only ?


My system is the following:

server: Video Source->Sender

client: Receiver->Encoder(eg DivX)->Solveig MM ASF Multiplexer

The application starts running one client graph and after a specified period of time it stops the graph that was running and run the other one. This action is repeated until the programme stops due to the error in the filter.

I don't know what kind of error is produced. Is a typical windows problem that says that my application will stop because of, but I cannot debug my programme. I only can see this error information:

Module 71
Image Base:0x05390000        Image Size: 0x00000000
Checksum:0x00000000          Time Stamp: 0x429d70aa
Version Information
 Signature: feef04bd
 StrucVer: 00010000
 FlagMask: 0000003f
 Flags: 00000000
 OS: 00040004
 FileType: 00000002
 SubType: 00000000
 FileDate: 00000000:00000000

Dmitry Vergeles:
Hello Javi,

Could you please describe the situation in more detail?
First of all what a code of an error messsage the muxer send?


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