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Cutting a section from a video


Dmitry Vergeles:
Hello WCV,

Maxim have sent you the updates a few deys ago. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions


The information I have about the SMM_EditEngine.dll I am using is as follows:

Version 1.4.911.12
Size: 676 kB
Date modified: 11/12/2009 1:10 PM

The question still remains:  Why does the Solveig Multimedia example code functions correctly while an exact copy of the same code in my program does not function correctly?  I assume both programs use the same .dll in the c:/Program Files/Common Files/ Solveig Multimedia directory.

Also it seems as if the code also functions correctly in my program under Windows XP.

Kind Regards


The problem seems to be in using of incorrect EditEngine.dll version(which is newer then the one included to sdk). Could you please specify what is the current version of SMM_EditingEngine.dll that is registered? We will check the component.

When using the VB.Net_TrimmerSample it is possible to cut a section from a .avi, .wmv and .mpg video file.

Using the same code in my own program, only a section from a .avi file can be cut.  The other two file types result in:

"Error while creating instance of AVITRIMMERCOMLib.TrmmerObjControl"

Any explanation for this error and how it can be overcome?



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