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Is the Video SDK still active?


Dmitry Vergeles:
Hi Michael,

Not sure why you did not get our emails may be your spam filters rejected them.
I replied your last question both from solveigmm and google accounts, please feel free to ask any more questions.

Michael Schaper:
Currently i received your purchase information - thanx for that.

I have one more little question - have i purchase additional licenses for mpeg2/divx splitting for our software on the customers machines?

Michael Schaper:
A few months ago i ask you many times of buying your SDK but no response comes to us.

We need urgent an alternate sdk for cutting and trimming video (mpeg2/4, avi, divx) while our outdate NCT Video SDK have some errors with mpeg2/4 video format and we don't want to reencode the big videos.

Please can you send us some information/pricing to

Best regards,
M. Schaper


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