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Dmitry Vergeles:

--- Quote from: "fatbutt" ---When to add 264 support?  thank you
--- End quote ---

We are going to add MPEG-4 AVC (H264) to the component.
Now it supports multi-fragmant editing with GOP accuracy of AVI, WMV, ASF files.
Now it is preparig MPEG-2 Frame Accuracy and after that MP4 support is planning to be implemented.

When to add 264 support?  thank you

Dmitry Vergeles:
Hello Sergey,
there is still availble the beta version.
The release will issue after we have got enough feedback.
I think it will happen soon.

Hi all!

Could anyone tell me what is the latest build of this software available for downloading?

Dmitry Vergeles:
Solveig Multimedia AVI Trimmer Component is an engine designed for nonlinear editing of AVI files, implemented as COM object based on Microsoft


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