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Win7 WMP 12 Problem


Olga Krovyakova:
Hello  dhsinger,

We investigate possible problem reason at present time. 
I'll return back to this as soon as we find the solution.

O.K., back again. I downloaded version 2_0_SE and, installed it. That got the plug in to appear on the bottom of WMP 12 skin but, it still doesn't work. When I designate a track to be played on the DVD, the plug in displays a " track has 0 length ", or something similar. It appears that it doesn't recognize the video.

The free " Splitter " program has been excellent for editing AVI files. I just need a similar program for a VOB file.

Thanks, Dave Singer

I bought the plug in specifically to rip tracks from my Mini-DVDs recorded on my Sony Handi Cam. When I launch WMP 12, the plug in comes up in a seperate window. If I highlighte a track on the disk and try to play it using the plug in it gives me a " no starting time specified " message. Any solution ? I've already downloaded and installed the updated version for WMP 12.

The product sounds like it be exactly what I need if, I could get it to work.

Thanks, Dave


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