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7.0 not working with external srt subtitle and generate empty srt file

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Hello Marty,
After checking your files I think I found 2 different issues:
1) When you load a project with an external subtitles or restore from a backup copy of the project after a crash, the external subtitles stream is disabled for trimming.
2) When you load more then 1 file to the timeline and save the output file - only subtitles from the first file are saved.

I'll post here when the fix is available.


--- Quote from: Maxim.Sakhankov on December 20, 2018, 06:34:57 PM ---Hello Marty,

I'll try to reproduce this issue. Does it mean that it is only specific to the MP4 videos?

--- End quote ---

Hello i could reproduce the subtitle empty bug and the runtime error as well. i just sent you a private message on the forum with Two dropbox Zip files with the video and subtitle in it, and the project as well which made both error happened ! Thanks ! Hope it will Help !
But to answer you, as the error happened with an MKV file, so not, it's not mp4 Specific !

Hello Marty,

I'll try to reproduce this issue. Does it mean that it is only specific to the MP4 videos?

Ok i found the problem... hope it will fixed quickly.

When the software crash (around 20 times tonight on a 4 hours session work :( ), often, in the stream selector, the subtitle track is de-activated...
we must click again on the scissor to have them again in the rendered file. if not a MKV file is generated with no subtitle track, or in case of an external subtitle track, a subtitle file is not gererated.


just upgraded to the 7.0 version. so far, everythink is working ok, except  that most of the issues i had are still there (random crash, etc..).
marker are a bit faster i agree, but so far, it's the only difference and feature that i see... it's more a 6.5 version than a 7.0

but the main issue is that when cutting a video file which has external subtitles, like a Mp4 / .srt file , the result provide an ok mp4 file but the subtitle file is empty.. it's a 0 bytes Srt file.

in a Mkv, it's working ok (so far).


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