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Can/how do I edit a MP3 file?


 you can edit downloaded YouTube audio files to remove extra noise and trim unwanted sections. You can also enhance bass through audio editing software like Audacity or online tools.

Olga Krovyakova:
Hello jamesharper,

Thank you for your post.
Sure, if you need to delete some fragment from your mp3 file and save the rest, you can use Video Splitter for this task.
Please see the guideline on How to edit mp3 file with Video Splitter by the link below:

--- Quote ---would it also be possible to increase the bass on said files?
--- End quote ---
Unfortunately this is not possible at the present time with Video Splitter.
We will possibly add this feature to its next releases.

You know how some songs aren’t available on music streaming apps? They let you upload your own to your playlist. Well I go on YouTube and download the audio.

But you know how usually there’s a bunch of extra time/ sounds on YouTube music videos? Can I edit the file to cut out those like 10 second of random noice out?

Edit: would it also be possible to increase the bass on said files?


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