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Frame accuracy between two videos does not work


Olga Krovyakova:
Hello Ivory.Howard,

Thank you for your post.
Do you have the same issue with the latest version of Video Splitter?

Could you please upload for us files you have tried to join to reroduce the issue at our end?
You can use any file host service e.g. Google drive ( or

Also please send us the project file. To get the project file open the input files in Video Splitter, set fragments for saving and deleting then go to File menu -> Save project as and select folder to save the project file.

You can send the link to files to support(at)

Hello videoking777,

I answered to your request from via tech support.
Waiting for your reply.


Unfortunately frame accuracy only works in one video. If two videos are to cut together (frame in first video to frame in second video), the transition is hacking and something is inserted .. Joining videos for that does not work as well.
How is cut properly here?

Thanks in advance!


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