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Program starts with Splitting window maxamized and can't resize


Olga Krovyakova:

Thank you for your post.
If there will be any further questions with Video Splitter, please feel free to ask.

Thanks Jacobo.  I'll save these in case it happens again.

Fixed!  Not sure what fixed it.  I was paying around with the config file and the APK files.  On one test I saw a line at the top of the screen which I had not seen before. The line was only about a character wide but it let me grab it and pull down which showed the other windows and allowed me to resize as needed.


I am using Home edition version 6.1.1811.19.  This started yesterday when I opened the program and I can't figure out how to resize the splitter window of the program.  I can't see any other window except for the splitter window.  I went through preferences and reset to defaults where ever I could but, nothing has worked so far.  Hopefully this is a known problem with an easy fix.

I have a screen shot of the issue but insert image icon is not working for me and I don't see an attachment option. If I figure out how to post a pic I will update the post.



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